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5 days ago
by Guillaume Chaslot

From 2010 to 2011, I worked on YouTube’s artificial intelligence recommendation engine—the algorithm that directs what you see next based…
July 10, 2019
by Sean Gallagher

Mary Rich, the mother of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich, gives a press conference in Bloomingdale on August 1, 2016.…
July 10, 2019
by Emma Grey Ellis

Away from the main thoroughfares of r/Showerthoughts and r/mildlyinteresting, far from the light of r/aww, there is Reddit’s “manosphere.” It’s…
July 10, 2019
by Mark Bergen & Kurt Wagner

A month before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a rumor spread on Facebook. People were sharing a viral gimmick familiar to email…
July 10, 2019
by Daniela Flamini

Global Fact 6, the sixth international fact-checking summit hosted by Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network, took place from June 19 through…
June 20, 2019
by Julia Alexander

Last week, Twitch banned one of its top streamers — Guy Beahm, better known as Dr Disrespect — for broadcasting…
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