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4 days ago
by Julia Alexander

Last week, Twitch banned one of its top streamers — Guy Beahm, better known as Dr Disrespect — for broadcasting…
4 days ago
by Alex Hern

Facebook usage has plummeted over the last year, according to data seen by the Guardian, though the company says usage…
5 days ago
by Ellen P. Goodman & Timon Cline

In a recent column, Kara Swisher observes that sudden congressional action on antitrust and big tech may be too late…
5 days ago
by Laura Hazard Owen

Facebook is pitching its new cryptocurrency, Libra — which will be officially launched in 2020 — as a way for…
6 days ago
by Ignacio Martinez

A search warrant has been issued to 8chan, an alt-right online message board. The warrant is in connection to the…
June 11, 2019
by Antonio García Martínez

The Facebook media cycle took a head-whipping quadruple turn over the past few weeks. First, in a surprise move by…
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