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3 days ago
by Robert Evans

On Friday, March 15th, one or more gunmen opened fire in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. As I write…
4 days ago
by Tiffany Hsu

Amazon has removed the online listings for two books that claim to contain cures for autism, a move that follows…
5 days ago
by Caitlin Oprysko

President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused “deranged” media outlets of digitally editing pictures of first lady Melania Trump and fanning…
6 days ago
by Megan Geuss

A variety of Republican Party messaging websites have been popping up, styled after local news sites. These sites claim to…
March 11, 2019
by Kevin Poulsen

In November 2017, a provocation appeared in the Facebook feeds of 3,000 Mormon parishioners. It was a sponsored post crafted…
March 11, 2019
by Christina Caron

Facebook announced Thursday its first policy to combat misinformation about vaccines, following in the footsteps of Pinterest and YouTube. The social…
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