A video in which a leading German YouTuber delivers an almost hour-long blistering attack on the government and says it’s time to destroy the mainstream parties has been viewed more than 3.3m times.

Rezo, a 26-year-old music producer whose YouTube channel Rezo Ja Lol Ey has about 600,000 followers, said the 55-minute mix of analysis and polemics was meant as a “destruction video”.

In it, he accused Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance, as well as its coalition partner, the Social Democrats, of pursuing an unsustainable form of politics that he said “is destroying our lives and our future”.

Media analysts have expressed their astonishment that a video on politics has gone viral, a status usually reserved for music, mishaps, fashion or pets.


Source: German YouTuber Rezo’s video attacking Merkel party goes viral | World news | The Guardian