Earlier this week, an altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caught fire on Facebook, and despite being faked, the platform has so far declined to remove it. However, it has now chosen to notify users who attempt to share the clip that it is faked.

“Once the video was fact checked as false, we dramatically reduced its distribution,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge. “Speed is critical to this system, and we continue to improve our response. People who see the video in feed, try to share it from feed, or already shared it are alerted that it’s false.”

The new menu pops up when a user taps the share button, notifying them that there has been new reporting on the video. “Before you share this content, you might want to know that there is additional reporting on this,” the menu reads. It then lists buttons that users can click to read articles from organizations like Factcheck.org, Lead Stories, PolitiFact, the Associated Press, and 20 Minutes. The first button, however, simply allows the user to continue on sharing the video.


Source: Facebook begins telling users who try to share distorted Nancy Pelosi video that it’s fake – The Verge