The Media & Democracy Network (MDN) is built on the WordPress platform running the PressForward plugin. Items from the internet at large are nominated to be pulled into the platform; those nominations are then curated, framed, tagged, and posted by a team of managing editors. Currently this work is done by the internal Media & Democracy team. However, once the platform has been fully launched and a curatorial style established, we will open up part of that process to a larger group of volunteers.

COMING SOON: Editors-at-Large

Editors-at-large will be interested volunteers from within and outside of the academic community who want to be able to nominate the items they read that are relevant to Media & Democracy for aggregation by the platform. Rotating teams of editors-at-large recommend articles using the PressForward plugin and via bookmarklet (available for Chrome and Firefox); PressForward tracks those nominations, and the top nominations are featured on MDN after a final review from the managing editors. A robust network of editors-at-large will be integral to expanding the reach of the Network beyond its current circles, diversifying content and deepening the understanding of the field.

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